I'm not amused because I'm struggling to repay my loans after being fucked royally salary-wise by my job. So, there's that. All I want is to be able to repay the shit and I feel poor every day, questioning why the fuck I even got a degree, and that's BEFORE grad school. » 6/25/14 1:17pm 6/25/14 1:17pm

I'm not seeing the problem here. I didn't see the extreme waist trimming and other things that vogue is known for in these shots and that was my only concern. Lena looks amazing but I like the retouched shots as she's giving is way too much cleavage and the higher neckline gives off a classier vibe, which is what the… » 1/17/14 12:00pm 1/17/14 12:00pm

I'm morbidly obese, gastric bypass surgery in 4 days, and I love to fly because I know that when people look at me, they don't want to sit beside me...and on a flight with a few spare seats, that's a godsend because my hereditary wide hips make the seats very uncomfortable. I try hard not to crowd others, but I can't… » 1/09/14 8:00am 1/09/14 8:00am

They may have been loitering according to the definition of the word, to linger aimlessly or as if aimless in or about a place, but they had no malicious intent. All police can exercise discretion and the officer's use discretion here is questionable especially after being told they were waiting for a bus AND THEN the… » 12/03/13 12:30pm 12/03/13 12:30pm

So stinking cute. And yet, I feel sad because there are like several different breeds of penguins in that enclosure and contrary to what Happy Feet would have us believe, it's not supposed to be this way. Curse my blasted species for killing everything. » 11/23/13 7:25pm 11/23/13 7:25pm