To those that have said things like, "Respect the law," and "Justice was served," here is a black woman's take on this, this would be my offering of explication pertaining to why "All of US" are up in arms...

I just came from Seattle where my family was celebrating my grandmother's 90 years of age. In her 90 years here is a sampling of what this country has allowed by way of law: Lynching was not always illegal, and further, any white person could stop you and demand to know who you were and what you were doing if they felt you were out of place, and, in fear for your life, you would answer. A black man wasn't even a man, he was a boy. And a black woman, she was nothing more than an opportunity to exorcise carnal passions.


That's what a lot of you were asking Trayvon to do, submit to George Zimmerman's self-appointed position of authority. You're saying that Trayvon had no reason to fear a strange man following him, that he should have just run or acted accordingly. Should he have dropped to the ground and soiled himself? Would it be easier for you believe that he was afraid then?

What this case represents is the undoing of years of fighting, senseless deaths, beatings, demonstrations, riots, and civil cases. It seems all for naught. We have done everything we could to try and move forward and be equal because we saw ourselves that way, or we wanted to believe we were. What this case has shown us is that we are not safe, we are subjected to questioning as to our legitimate purpose for being anywhere, whether or not we live there.

Our children come under suspicion more easily than yours do, our deaths aren't tragedies to anyone and, even more disheartening, our deaths aren't even tragic to us anymore because we have been taught to devalue ourselves on such a grand scale. Can you understand that? And then, for the media to derogate and deride the memory of a deceased teenager like he was worthless further drives it home for us. Clearly, we are not like you, no matter how much we learn, no matter what we achieve, no matter our perceived success. We are not like you, and you remind us every day.

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